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Science News for Kids

ENature - America's Wildlife Resource:

EurekAlert - Science News:

Extreme Science -
Want to know how stuff works? Check out this site!
A fun site to play games and learn!
Another site to play games and learn!
Cool Science for Curious kids!
Science News for Kids - online!
Science made simple.
Web Search for Kids by Librarians!/
Cool Math for Cool Kids!
Science Daily


Life Science and Physical Science Links

Physical and Chemical Changes

A Virtual Electron Microscope - lots of fun!

The Smallest Page on the Web

Chemistry 4 kids

COOL Periodic Table of Elements

HOW stuff works - Atoms


Build your own Atom!

Lots of games and activities about ATOMS

Miami Science Museum pH Factor

Cells Alive!

Jefferson Labs - All about Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table

Proton Don - Periodic Table Game