Welcome to Mrs. Stasny’s Science Class.
What to bring to Science Class Each Day:

• iNB (interactive notebook)

• AVID binder (2-inch)

• Pencils (at least 2)

• Pencil Pouch

• A folder with prongs

• Pens (Black or Blue only)

• Hand-held pencil sharpener

• Colored pencils

• Agenda

• Glue Stick

• Sheet Protectors

• Loose-leaf paper

• Headphones (earbud style)

• A “Ready-to-Learn” Attitude

Throughout the year we complete many hands-on projects. Please help us by purchasing supplies to use during class activities.


• Tissues

• Pencils

• Construction paper

• Highlighters

• Colored Pencils

• Lined notebook paper

• Dry Erase Markers

• Overhead Markers/Crayons

• Plastic Sheet Protectors

• Student scissors

• Glue Sticks

• Index cards

• Tape (all kinds – painter’s, masking, duct, Scotch etc.)

• Antibacterial hand sanitizer

• Post-it notes (all sizes)

• Paper towels

• Calculators

• Band-aids

• Sanitizing Wipes

IF you have any items that we can use in our FAB LAB MAKER STUDIO, Please feel free to donate – check out my website for suggestions